3 Reasons Your Body Isn't Changing Even Though "You're Doing Everything Right"

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3 Reasons Your Body Isn't Changing Even Though "You're Doing Everything Right"

Ok, so it’s time for some brutal honesty today. I will be speaking from my own personal experience, as well as that of the many women I have worked with and believe me, if I haven’t experienced it personally, then I’ve seen it.


Because of this, I can tell you right now that without a doubt, the reason you are failing is because of you and your mindset. Swallow that for a second and then continue down this road. I’ve had to go down this road too and still do.


You can read all the diet books, know all the best training practices, but if you do not stick with any of them, if you do not actually IMPLEMENT the information you’ve gathered, then nothing will change.


I’m not saying one method is better than another. There is something that works for everyone. I am often adjusting my nutrition advice and training based on the individual in front me, because no one person is the same. 


I was having another personal trainer shadow me on the floor and then I shadowed her with my ladies. I kept interjecting and changing the “program” for the day to fit the person. Thankfully, she wasn’t annoyed and understood that each lady requires something different.


If you do not have a coach, then you must do this for yourself, especially when it comes to your habits outside of the gym. 


More importantly, you must allow time, time. Be patient with your body and listen to what the hell it is telling you, because it will always guide you in the right direction. You just have to clear the clutter out of your head to hear it clearly.


With that being said, today we aren’t discussing a specific nutrition or training program, instead we’re going to cover the road blocks we set up for ourselves in our mind.

These are in no particular order.


1. Fear Of Being A Different Person


This one is number one today, because it just came up with one of our ladies. We’re working on some nutrition changes and she’s having a difficult time because she’s scared the person she becomes may never want to eat the junk she’s eating now.


Change is scary. The unknown is scary. What we know is familiar and comfortable and our friends and family eat and operate this way. I don’t want to be different from them.


You know the saying, “Misery loves company”?


This is what is happening inside your head. Because you are already not feeling well emotionally, physically and mentally, your brain wants to stay that way, so it sends signals to crave foods that will cause more stress on the body and keep you in that jacked up mental state. 


Because of this, it is hard to see past your current condition. I must add, what’s so bad about not wanting to go back to eating crappy foods?


My partner gives a great example. She says, if you’re in a terrible relationship; a degrading and toxic relationship, and you finally get out, are you going to want to go back to that relationship or miss being abused?

The truth is a part of you misses the good parts about that person, but then wisdom and clarity will kick in and you will see and remember just how jacked up you were. 


I used to eat like crap and guess what? My life also reflected it to a point. There was depression for sure and also, you guessed it, a toxic relationship.


I do sometimes miss the convenience of eating whatever, whenever, but I do NOT miss how I used to feel and I will NEVER go back to that place.


Now let me also be very clear, I have my indulgences. They aren’t all the time and I choose them strategically. The average person is reactive in their eating. I am proactive and therefore it keeps me from going on full on binges for the entire weekend. 


In fact, most “fit” people do not deny themselves. We just have a system. I like to call it 80% Whole Foods + 20% everything else = 100% SEXY. I got that from Derek Sarno, author of Wicked Healthy.


This brings me to my next point.




2. Expecting Perfection


I see it all the time. It goes something like this…

You start a training program, following some crazy strict diet, removing everything you enjoy to eat from your life, trading it in for some bland meal that you have every single day, and on top of it you’re killing yourself doing fasted cardio AND a gym workout later the same day.


Eventually you lose steam and “treat” yourself to a lazy junk food day which turns into a week which turns into months and your hard work is lost. 


Or maybe it doesn’t turn into months. Just maybe you only binge on the weekends, but Monday through Friday is super perfect. It will still cancel out. It is very easy in one meal, yet alone a day to eat 2-3x as many calories as you need. 


If you do that for 2 days in a row, then it is as if you’ve eaten for 4+ days completely disregarding the clean eating or dieting you did the days before. Not to mention, physically and mentally you’ll feel like crap.

It’s not realistic to function like that long term. Health and Fitness is a life game, not a 4 week challenge or even 12 week challenge. 


If it’s not realistic to do 2 workouts in a day, then don’t. If it’s not realistic to train 5 days out of the week, then don’t. I average 3 on most weeks out of the year and so do most of the women I work with.


As for restrictive diets, they do not last past a few weeks. Enjoy the things you want. Plan for them and no, it doesn’t have to wait until the weekend.

Example - My significant other, Sasja, had a birthday coming up. I ordered a fancy cake and we were going to a yummy restaurant. I cook 95% of the time, so I go in when we go out to eat and I knew this cake was going to be crazy good, because I know the baker personally.

Needless to say, that day all I had to eat was my smoothie and some pieces of fruit for snacks, because I knew I was going to consume at least 2 meals at that dinner. And as predicted, I 100% did!

Didn’t affect my goals one bit. Sasja also often has ice cream or chips at night. I tend to not have my own, but I don’t stop myself from a having a bite or 2 of hers.

I build these things in, therefore I never have a craving nor desire to completely negate all the good habits I’ve built for myself.

It’s a mindset shift. If you want your body to change. Your life has to change. 




3. Reactive Food Choices


Since we’re on the topic of food, this brings me to this next point. Many people fail to plan, therefore they fail in reaching their goals. 


What I mean by this is, eating what is in front of you. You’re at a baseball game, so bring on the hot dog and beer!

Someone brought donuts and pastries to work, so of course this means you should have a couple. 


You’re on a long commute from work and since you worked through lunch, you are so hungry you can’t think straight. Boy does that [insert fast food restaurant name here] look good right about now. I just need something quick. 


Do these sound familiar?


I’ve been there. Free food, cheap food, convenient foods were my best friends! I felt obligated to eat whatever was in front of me. I also felt obligated to eat if others were eating.


The thing is, you are 100% in control. Take your power back! Own your choices, notice your triggers and trade them in for positive ones.


Because I like to eat when other people are eating, (this has not changed by the way) I keep food on me all the time. Either I have a full on lunchbox or I’ve thrown some fruit or dates in my bag for snacks. I know who I am and I know what my goals are how I like to feel, so I set myself up for success.


You may think that’s miserable life, but not liking my body, feeling lethargic and being weak are miserable to me. I’ve been there and I‘m not going back. 


Feeling good is just as addictive as feeling like crap, it just feels better, so I CHOOSE that feeling and so can you.



I’m not saying this road is going to be easy. I’m just saying that you’re going to have to remove some mental road blocks if you truly want long lasting success.




- Mia “The Mindset Shifter” Shanté


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