3 Must Know Truths

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3 Must Know Truths

This past weekend I competed in the USA Powerlifting Nevada State Championships and I am WIPED! 

I spent most of Sunday on the couch recovering and Monday, I went for a long walk for some active recovery. 

It was such an incredible experience though! 

I went for lifts I didn't know 100% I could make, especially coming off of a fast weight cut to make weight - 143lbs to 138lbs.

If you do not already know, I developed a pretty bad allergy to the metals used for most poles, so I stopped pole dancing. 

I went through a depression about it. I mean, a piece of my soul was all of sudden stolen from me just as I was seriously developing. 

It was difficult to get my head around it, but once I did, I threw myself into a triathlon, then into lifting weights seriously and maintaining my running. 

This year though, I needed something more. I wanted to see how strong I could possibly get, so I decided to hone in on powerlifting, which includes a Squat, Bench Press and a Deadlift.

You can see me competing in those lifts HERE.

As much as I would love to say it's about the competition, it really is about the process.

With every competition, life throws me curve balls. I am tested to see how I get back up, how I adapt, how I stay on track and how I continue to move forward, despite the obstacles.

Then the training itself...

Constantly pushing my limits. Watching my food to make sure I recover and perform well.

This is what I've learned so far:

#1. The Body Is Capable Of Anything. 

It's usually the mind that holds us back. About one month out of my competition and one day before my flight to Chicago to watch my cousin graduate college, I came down with a nasty flu. It took 3 rounds of Tylenol to kick the fever to the curb. It normally only takes me one round and then I can focus on food and vitamins to kick the rest of the cold. 

The next day I was tons better, but I still moved my flight back one day and insisted on getting home to celebrate with my cousin. 

I know that it was my will that healed me up well enough to get to Chicago and get back, because as soon as I got back, I let that will go and was back to being sick again. 

I knew I had a meet to train for and numbers I wanted to hit, so I gathered up more will and plowed ahead, staying on top of my vitamins, adjusting my diet and lowering the intensity of my workouts, but I never stopped. 


#2. You Don't Need Anyone Else's Understanding Or Approval. 

It's a nice thing to have, but you don't need it. I heard Brendon Burchard say this on the School of Greatness podcast and it was a powerful moment for me. My mother, as I began lifting heavier, had something to say at every turn. It would have been nice to have her understanding, but I didn't need it. 

Some of the ladies we work with could really use the extra support of their partners. Sometimes they don't get it and they say to us they need him to understand. Or some ladies don't even get to start with us because their partners don't approve. 

Don't let other people dim your light or stop your growth. Is understanding nice to have? Yes! But you don't need it. The only things you need to be successful is consistency, a strong "why" to keep you consistent and a coach along the way somewhere.

Everything else just makes the journey easier and palatable, but not necessary. 


#3. You're Not Alone. 

Just as I am in the process of self-improvement, so are so many other women, so are you or you wouldn't be on this mailing list. Before you cry woe is me, know that other women are going through it too and they are seeing it through. 

There is no obstacle that is unique to you. Someone else overcame it, so you can too. We often share our ladies' struggles and triumphs with the other members for this purpose. We want them to see themselves in one another and push harder. 

Don't be afraid to share what you're going through. You'll surprise yourself with the support you may receive.

- Coach Mia, The Vegan Powerlifter


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