IT'S WEDNESDAY (You Need This!)

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IT'S WEDNESDAY (You Need This!)

Happy Hump Day!

Just wanted to let you know,

You woke up today.

It's Wednesday.

The week is moving on,

And you get to be apart of it.

There are many people who did not get that luxury today.

Their time has run out.

There are no more chances for them in this go 'round.

You're still here.

Let's take it back. 

Out of about 1000 sperm, only 200 were able to reach the egg, and only one of them was able to fertilize it. 

That's YOU!!!!

How freaking phenomenal must you be?

As women, it's very easy to forget that.

We lose ourselves in taking care of others or proving our worth in our careers,

So much so, that we stop remembering that we are a walking miracle and as WOMEN we are one of the most powerful and magical creatures on the planet.

That's YOU!

There is for you though!


You are AMAZING!

You have your health.

If not, you can make the choice to change it.

You are fit.

If not, you can make the choice to change it.

You are smart.

If not, you can do something about it. Everything is on google nowadays.

You are happy in all areas of your life.

If not, guess what? You can change that too! You can choose people, activities, food, music, etc that make you feel good. 

The point is ,

You are 100% in control of your life.

We know that it may not always feel that way. We get it. Trust us.

It's in those moments where you have to dig deep and choose YOU!

It's Wednesday, so you still have time to turn this week around.

We believe in you. Get at it!

- Mia & Sasja, Owners, Lift and Flow Performance

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