“Storytelling” - A Contemporary Pole Dance Workshop with Anna Grundstrom

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Connect your body to the stories that move you in this novel contemporary pole
workshop created by Anna Grundstrom.

Harness your own, personal artistry and articulate your truth through movement
with a step by-step method that incorporates intention, rhythm, texture, and
light improvisation to the kinetic phrase. This is your story, your voice, your
narrative, and we will unlock that expression of self with experiments in
contemporary choreography and musicality.

No tricks are taught, but fledgling enthusiasts and elite pro polers looking to
expand their movement vocabulary, or contemporary dancers seeking a new
canvas to play on will equally benefit from the skills and techniques taught in
this workshop.

Date: August 30, 2019

Time: 7 - 8:30pm

Rate: $60/person

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