[Free Recipe] Immune Boosting Smoothie

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[Free Recipe] Immune Boosting Smoothie

Hello Mia here!

I'm writing you from a semi-sick bed. I woke up today feeling a little icky, taught 3 sessions, walked to my car and BAM! I'm out of it. Throat is sore. Pressure is in my head. Just not good and we had errands to run.

While in the check out line, Sasja sent me to the car to wait and then it took another turn. I don't know what my body was going through.

We got home and I immediately went to sleep. I woke up not too long ago, in fact. And when I did, I felt the grace of God. I was feeling immensely better! Guess I was just a little sleep deprived. 

BUT, my throat was still sore. So I got my butt up and headed to the kitchen. Rest + Live Foods = Immune Boosting Health. 

It's the best way to beat and prevent a cold. I should also mention my live food intake took a drop these past couple of days, except for yesterday when my body had me make a smoothie. If I hadn't done that, I'm sure I would be a lot worse today.

Ok, back to today. I headed to the kitchen. What do I have that especially boosts the immune system? Technically, ALL my fruits and veggies do that, but I wanted to maximize my efforts.

Blueberries, strawberries, and mango - All antioxidant powerhouses. 
Tea - fresh ginger, juice of lemon and turmeric. (see below)
Parsley - Something green. (Fresh out of leafy greens. Used them all yesterday.) 
Hemp Seeds - Healthy fats. 

Blended them all together. 

As I write this email after drinking that smoothie, I feel as if I can take on the rest of my day. I won't, because the recipe to health is consuming live foods AND REST!

Wanted to share with you in case you're feeling a little icky too OR in case you want to stay ahead of the game.

Drinking a smoothie a day will help keep the cold away!

Dedicated To Your Success,

- Coach Mia

P.S. To make the tea, slice fresh ginger, put in a pot of water along with juice from a whole lemon. Boil. Turn heat off once it begins to boil. Add turmeric.


P.P.S. If you have more questions, just shoot me an email. I answer them all - info@liftandflowperformance.com

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