Exotic Flow with Maria De Nicolo

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EVENT DESCRIPTION: This is a high-beginner/intermediate level low flow (at the base of the pole) exotic choreography workshop. During our warm up we’ll go over some of the fundamentals of exotic pole such as body waves, leg traces, floor work, pole pirouettes and isolation's which we will later incorporate into our choreography. We’ll learn our choreography in segments while focusing on musicality, power spins, creating fluid transitions and threads, pretty shapes and clean lines. By end of the workshop you will have learned new and interesting ways around the pole all the while having lots of fun!

Date: Saturday, April 20 
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm 
Fee: Early Bird - $45, After April 15 - $50

REQUIREMENTS: pole shoes and knee pads. Having poled in shoes before. At least 6 months of pole experience.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Maria has been passionate about dance and movement since childhood. She started taking ballet lessons at the age of 8, after being gifted “La Passion de la Danse”, a book about all forms and styles of dance.

But it was when a friend invited Maria to a West African dance class in New York City, that she rediscovered her love for dance.

Since then, Maria has performed with D’Joneeba Dance Centre in New York City and as part of Global Motion World Dance Company of Santa Monica College in LA. She has also taken part in Burlesque performances with Fishnet Follies and Charlene Rose Dance Company.

Maria has been Pole Dancing since 2012 and has been a frequent guest performer with the comedic theatrical group Medio Mundo Cabaret. She has been teaching Exotic Pole dance and has participated in national and international pole dance competitions such as PPC, Pole Convention Argentina, Pole Up, and Pole Show Brazil.

“I’m thrilled to be able to pole and teach now well into my 40’s and hope to continue to do so for as long as my body allows it!”


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