6 Easy Habits to Embark on Health RIGHT NOW

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6 Easy Habits to Embark on Health RIGHT NOW

"What can I do now?"

"What's an easy change I can make right now?"

These are questions we typically get ALL the time. Having now helped a few hundred people, especially women, we have some easy habits you can adopt to get there.

1. Get Some SLEEP

You are way less effective throughout the day if you have not gotten enough sleep. It has been proven time and time again that when we sleep well, we function better, heal faster, build more muscle and reduce our risk for diseases.

If you’re staying up watching tv or just scrolling Facebook or Instagram, or running yourself into the ground working on a project, you are literally sending a “Eff You!” to your body and your soul, saying you don’t care what it needs and that you are undeserving of optimal health.

This is within your control. YOU have the power to determine when you go to sleep.

2. Drink Water

Water is the most important nutrient in the body. Not only do you need it to function, but guess what? That acne you want to get rid of, those bags under your eyes, that dry skin that you’re taking medication for, those migraines you keep getting, that fat that just won’t come off, can more than likely be remedied by drinking enough water.

Thomas Tadlock, a Fat Loss Expert who has worked with thousands of people and cured his wife’s lupus, says the base of what he’s been able to see work consistently in people transforming their bodies and healing from disease, is consuming 96oz of water a day. Maybe you need more, but definitely not less.

Drink your water. An easy way to do that is to keep it with you. We once had an athlete who was always in meetings and just couldn’t find the time to refill her water bottle. So we had her start her day with 3 bottles already full sitting on her desk. She was able to get her water in then!

3. Mindfulness

This piece gets overlooked often because it’s the most “hippie-like,” but definitely super important. To have mindfulness is important in terms of meditation, as well as your activities, including eating. There is a difference between mindfully eating a donut and grabbing it while on the go. There is a change that begins to happen in our mind, spirit and body, when we slow the hell down!

In Strong 4 Pole’s Compliance Agreement, we have our athletes promise to eat mindfully as well as put space in their thoughts before they even begin the program. The more aware you are, the more positivity you can attract and therefore, manifest in your body, life and career you want. The more you eat sitting down and not grabbing to go, the more your body can recognize it as food and you can begin breaking the limitless snacking habit.

4. Smoothie

I know. I know. Everyone talks about having a smoothie. It has become some kind of fitness trend. The problem is no one talks about the type of smoothie that will give you the biggest bang. So here’s what you’re going to do. Grab your biggest blender, fill it up with your most favorite leafy greens or veggies. I like spinach, kale, chard, celery and parsley, but you can keep it simple with just spinach if you choose. Pack those greens down to take the air out and get more in. You want it to take up 75% of the blender. From there, fill in that 25% with fruit. I suggest opting for sweet fruits like super ripe bananas or mangoes. Then top it off with a handful of flax seeds or chia seeds for a hefty dose of fat.

Your liquid will be water (Pro tip: This counts toward that 96oz 😉) or an unsweetened nut milk. Thomas calls this a Fast Metabolism Smoothie. By including this in your diet daily, you are getting a TON of nutrients from the veggies and fruits, more than what you would normally take the time to eat because of all the chewing it would require.

5. Workout Right Now

Yes, I said right now! You don’t have to go to the gym right now. You can drop and bust out 5 push ups or 10 squats. If you do this everyday, even if it is one jumping jack, you begin to create the habit of exercise. As you continue, you will naturally want to do a little more each time because your body will crave more. It wants to move. Your muscles want to work. Let them! When you hit a down period at your office, do some push ups at your desk. Take the stairs as often as you can. When you’re watching tv, drop down and do planks during every commercial break. You can shape your life however you choose, but you MUST workout. Period. Can’t slip over that one.

6. Have A Grocery List

This point right here is super critical! This is how you begin to set yourself up for success. Decide what meals you want to make for the week, including snacks and then go through and figure out exactly what you need to make those items. When you get to the store, ONLY BUY THOSE ITEMS. Don’t buy junk! Period. Don’t put it on your list. Don’t walk down those aisles. Don’t get distracted by nice packaging or fancy marketing. Stacy focused on your grocery list. We have a 21 day meal plan, complete with grocery lists if you need some help getting started. You can get it HERE.

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