5 Best Workouts At Home

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5 Best Workouts At Home

If you read my last email, you will know that during this past year I've fluctuated from training 5-6 days to just hitting my non-negotiable 3.

"Why?", you may ask. Because sometimes I am just not motivated, but I have certain habits that say I just can't quit, so I set my low bar at 3 workouts and hit them no matter what.

Recently, that third workout has been at home, because I did not feel like going to the gym. See, us fitness professionals go through it too. You're not the only one to be tired some days. I get it. I go through it. I'm going through it now with this colder weather that makes me want to just sit in front of the heater and eat pie.

The difference is, I have certain rules for my life that I can not break to keep me on track no matter what life throws my way.

You have to create the rules for yourself in order to be successful long term. Period. Anyone can diet for short amount of time, but who's going to be mindful of their overall diet for month after month and year after year? That person will be successful.

Ok, but this isn't why you opened this email. Let me get to it.

While I was doing my workout at home it got me thinking about what my go to workouts are at home, that give me the biggest bang for my buck. That's what I'm going to share with you.

This isn't some "only do these workouts ever" type of email, because I would never program that way, but if you're tight on time and want to get it in real quick, you can choose from these 5 or do all 5 and you'll have a great workout.

1. Elevated Shoulder and Feet Banded Hip Thrust

In this video I do not have on a band, but you can easily add a booty band around your thighs for an extra burn. Watch this video to see how to use the band.

Workout Suggestion - 4x20, really pushing out against the band.


2. Pull Ups

If you are unable to perform pull ups you can do them with bands for assistance. Feel free to play with grips as well. I have an underhand grip in the video, but you can also face your palms away from you.

Workout - 3xAMRP (As Many Reps Possible)


3. Goblet Squats

Here, I am performing the goblet squat with a handbag. Go ahead and stuff that bag with some bottles of water or books or a makeup kit and get to squatting. No dumbbells necessary! If you do not know how to squat for your body, watch this video. We all have different squat stances. If someone forces you into a certain position, politely tell them to back off.

Workout Suggestion - 3x10-20


4. Push Ups

Don't worry if you've never done a push up before. In the video below you will see an explanation on how to find the level in which to perform YOUR push up with where you are today and how to progress as you get stronger. Bonus push up video HERE to keep you progressing.

Workout Suggestion - 3xAMRP with strict form either full or negatives or a combo


5. Gliding Leg Curls

The only muscle group left to hit right now are the hamstrings and this is my favorite. To this day, this movement is still hard AF to perform! I can do more of them and my form is better, but still crazy challenging.

Workout Suggestion - 3x8-12


Enjoy! Go slowly if you're new to any of the movements and make sure to push yourself.

Hope you're able to add this to your at home workout repertoire!

- Coach Mia, Strong 4 Pole, Owner

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