5 Tips You Aren't Doing For Better Results

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5 Tips You Aren't Doing For Better Results

So I’m sitting here waiting for an oil change and thinking about getting back active today. See, I’ve been off the wagon, so to speak, for about 6 days. That is way too long for me.

I am not one to go hard every day but something.

Well, the reason it’s been this long is because sometimes the teacher just don’t freaking listen.

I knew I had a pain that would show it’s head every now and then.

My solution - manage my low back by foam rolling the glutes and ignore my sprained rhomboid.


The end result - watching Dr. Strange, preparing for The Avengers: Infinity War release and slowly pain began radiating from my shoulder until it became extremely unbearable and then completely restricted my movement.

Had to pull out a sling for it.

I knew instantly why this was happening though, albeit surprised because I like to think I'm a super hero and nothing can actually happen to me.

If I could go back in time to prevent this I would have done the following:

Trusted my process and not push to the point of pain

Foam rolled before AND after my training session

Performed dynamic stretching before AND after my training session

Walked more outside in the sun

Left work at work instead of taking it home (Yes, stress plays a role in recovery)

Meditated for at least 5 min a day

And that's it. That right there would have kept me from getting hurt and it would have resulted in greater results from my training.

Instead of my body's resources going to heal me from the training session, resulting in muscle growth and fat loss, they were being used to try to undo the damage I was causing and keep me moving. Not very smart of me.

You see, when it comes to recovery, all of the above plays a role, especially in your day to day lifestyle.

I would be remiss if I did not add nutrition to the recovery process, but that is a conversation for another day. If you want to know more, shoot me an email. I would love to chat with you.

Sasja and I watch our members come in and bust their butts every single session, yet some ladies get better and faster results than others.

Maybe you've experienced that yourself. You probably have a friend or just someone you know and you're probably thinking - "I work just as hard as her, why am I not changing?"

The answer to that question in its simplicity is, you have no idea what that other person does with the other hours in their day.

The more complicated answer is - What else are you doing beside training hard?

Are you sleeping well?

Are you more stressed than you are relaxed?

More negative than positive thoughts and self talk?

Do you sleep 8 hours or at least deeply?

Do you properly warm up and cool down to your body's needs?

Do you eat to your body's needs?

Do you train to your body's needs?If you look at the photo above you will see that lifestyle is the biggest component to recovery. Then nutrition, intelligent training and foam rolling and stretching.

With all of that being said, here's what you can do right now to begin seeing better results to ensure you don't end up in a boatload of pain like me. 😉

1. Get some sleep as much as you can. If you're falling asleep in front of the tv, there's a problem there. Set your intention - I will watch 1 episode and then I will turn it off and get my butt in bed!

2. Implement a non-negotiable stress reliever in your life. My personal favorite is deep breathing. In through your noise, deep into your belly, out through your mouth and with awareness. It may sound hippie-ish, but it works! Stress = fat and disease ALL day!

3. Warm up and cool down intelligently. This is cause for a whole other article, but you want to make sure to get in some foam rolling, stretching, corrective movement and activation BEFORE you train and then more foam rolling, stretching with longer pauses, and flow based movement AFTER you train. (I will dive deeper into this next week.)

4. Eat Plants! Yep, a major key to rapid recovery and results is rooted in the food God gave us. Eat more veggies and fruits and you will feel and look TONS better. Include water in this scenario as well.

5. Be Consistent. This is where I went wrong and I don't want the same for you. Be consistent in your positive habits. I know we start feeling good and do not see the need for it after, but that is when they are most important. Stay on top of it and let the positive habits rack up. You got this!

That is all I have for you. Please do not read this and say - Yeah, that makes sense - then do nothing.

Apply it!

Knowledge is not power...APPLICATION of knowledge is power.

Be powerful! You're a woman afterall. *drops mic*

- Mia Shanté, Someone who gives a damn about you

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