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Hey Mia here,

I was traveling the Google rabbit hole and found myself on an article about resistance and knew immediately that I had to share.

See, as a coach, I see this thing called resistance ALL the time.

It's the very thing that stops you from getting to where you need and desire to be. And yet, you let it overtake you as if you have zero self-control.


Resistance shows itself when you say training is too expensive, but you get your nails and hair done every week.

Resistance shows up when you get a flat tire and use that as an excuse to not get to the gym.

Resistance is when you don't want to tell anyone you're working out, because you're "private", when really you're hiding because you know damn well you aren't putting in the work to be proud of.

Resistance is eating the office candy instead of the fruit and nuts you packed.

Resistance is saying you're too tired to pack snacks and a lunch.

Resistance is using cramps, a cold or a small ache to sit around and do nothing instead of adjusting your workout.

Resistance is choosing to do nothing if work or LA traffic prevents you from getting to your training session or fitness class, instead of just doing something else or asking for help.

Resistance is around us everyday in every form possible.

It's not going anywhere. So what are you going to do about it?

The other day I was at the gym. My knees weren't feeling the greatest and I was suppose to lift heavy squats. I did 2 sets and knew I couldn't continue along that path. Resistance.

I had 2 options:

1. Stop and not do squats

2. Modify

I wanted so badly to do #1, but I knew if I started cutting exercises, it'd be difficult to pull myself back. So I chose #2.

I lowered the weight to 135. I chose that number because I remember seeing my coach push herself to do 50 squats at that weight. My coach is superhuman to me, so immediately I told myself I couldn't do 50, but maybe I could do 25.

I got set up and pushed with everything I thought I had to get to 25. I could barely stand afterward.

I was so proud, but I knew something was incomplete. I set out to do another 25, so at least I could say I did 50 total.

I barely hit 25 and thought ok, you're good now. You did it! Let's move on. Resistance.

I recognized it and said no. I can keep going. Let's go for 30. Hit 30 and said, 5 more so I could've done 10 more than last time. Hit 35 and thought, just push for 5 more. Then I said you're here, push to 40. Then I hit 40 and I heard - Who stops when they only have 10 left?

I answered, Not Champions!!!!

I hit 50 and dropped immediately to floor with so much pride and joy because I beat resistance.

And guess what?

You can too!

Get out of your own way and go get what's yours. There will never be a perfect time to start. Waiting until next Monday is not the answer. That is resistance.

Successful people do not put off tomorrow what they can do today. That's from Stephen Covey's book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

If you need help along the way, we got you. We help women just like you every single day.

But no matter how much help you get, you have to be ready to stare resistance in the face and claim your victory.

This is how you succeed.

You succeed by knowing there will be hurdles, but willing to figure out how to jump over, through or under to get to your finish line.

NOW is your time!

If you still want to be your fittest, most flexible and strongest self in 2018,

Click Here and we can help you.

It will not be easy.

It will not be comfortable.

It will challenge you.

And you will break through your wall of resistance.

Once you do it the first time, it gets so much easier after that.

And the success in many areas of your life will start rolling in.

- Mia Shanté, Strong 4 Pole Owner

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