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Happy Friday The 13th!

Mia here,

Not sure if I was suppose to put "happy" in that statement, but I'll roll with it for today.

While preparing to write today my princess cat, Lena, crawled herself up on my lap. Well, half on my lap and half on my laptop. I didn't mind because I hadn't a subject yet to write on.

Some time passed and I felt myself become thirsty. I began debating whether or not I would move her when it clicked! Let's talk about the water.

No one wants to talk about water. Everyone wants to tell me about all the things they do or do not eat, but no one wants to talk about how much water they're drinking.

For some reason water is just so challenging to consume and yet, it ranks as the #1 most essential nutrient our bodies need! AND it can make a big impact on your fat loss or muscle building journey.

So let's talk about it! Why do we need it? Besides the obvious reason of the fact we are each 60%-70% water, here are some others you can probably directly relate to:


1. More energy! I had a client struggling with energy and muscle cramps recently. I immediately had her include more water and more coconut water into her daily habits. Your muscles and body need to be hydrated. Studies have shown that with even a slight decrease in water loss - 1%-2% - we have less energy, less concentration, mood swings and we aren't as happy.

2. Burn more fat! Yes, I will say that again. Drinking more water can actually help you lose the fat you've been struggling to get rid of. "How?" you may wonder. Simply by your body now functioning optimally. When your body doesn't have everything needs at a cellular level to function, "compensations" begin to take place. In this case, the liver burns fat and the kidneys filters out the waste and toxins. The kidneys need boatloads of water to function properly and efficiently. If they do not have what they need, they recruit the liver to help out. If the liver is helping out the kidneys with waste, then who's burning the fat? See where I'm going here?

3. Less food cravings! The next time you're "hungry" drink some water. Check with your body in about 10-15 minutes to see if you're still hungry. In many cases, thirst can be confused with hunger, especially as we get older and as we've learned to live in a constant state of dehydration. Because of this, we are then eating when we need to be drinking water and wondering why the weight isn't coming off and in some cases, why it is increasing.

"Ok that's all good and everything, but then how much do I actually need?"

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all as we are all uniquely awesome which results in awesome differences. But I do have some guidelines to follow and general rules of thumb.


1. Cut your weight in half. An excellent starting point is simply, taking how much you currently weigh and dividing that by 2. This is a base level of water intake. Assuming you are sitting all day only, then this is where you start. If you are remotely active, then we have to bump it up a bit.

2. Hydrate for the activity. If you're training intensely and sweating profusely, then you're going to want to replace that. Even if you're not training, but its mid day on a hot summer day and you're sweating, replace it! Also, if you're training hard, you're going to want to make sure you're sipping every few minutes. There was an observation made a while back on two really good European mountain climbing teams. One of course lost, but not wanting to lose again, began to study the differences between them and the winning team. The only difference is that the winning team, after so many minutes of climbing would sip water throughout the climb. They copied this hydration technique and beasted out their next competition because they had more strength and energy due to their elevated levels of hydration.

3. Start with 96 ounces to 1 gallon. Somewhere in between there is your magic number that makes sure you're happy, feeling good, energized, killing your workouts and losing fat. And even still this number will vary based on your activity level on a day to day basis.


1. Be prepared to pee a lot. It's going to happen. It should level out, but its par for the course. It'll give you some extra steps and squats for the day! 😉

2. Keep water on you and a nice size bottle too. Something more than 16 ounces. You'll get tired of refilling it if it is too small. Make this task as convenient as possible and just sip throughout the day.

3. Make sure your pee is light yellow to clear. That's how you know you're doing well.

Ok you got this. The ball is in your court! Do not read this and think ok I'll drink more water and do nothing. Read this and get up and get water RIGHT NOW! Do not wait and put it off. Create new habits now.

You got this!

Dedicated To Your Success,

Mia Shanté

Transformation Coach

Strong 4 Pole, Owner

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