Pros & Cons to a Low Carb Diet

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Hi Mia here,

Look, I want to get real with you all today. In fact, I have to. It's my duty as a coach to always and forever be real, to do my due diligence in presenting as accurate of information as I possibly can, so that you can make educated decisions for yourself when it comes to your health.

Here's the thing..there is no one size fits all in this food thing. There is a one size fits most, but maybe you aren't most. Maybe you're most today, but something has changed in your life and you are not in that category anymore.

You, my sister, have to at some point start listening to your body. All the coaches in the world and nutritionists and doctors can recommend this and that for you, but how your body reacts is unique to you.

I know you don't want to hear that. When I was talking to different vegan athletes and bodybuilders, trying to figure out how to fuel my body for my figure competitions, they told me the exact same thing and I was furious!

I mean as women we are constantly problem solving, for ourselves, our jobs, our spouses our children, our family. Now you're telling me I have to figure out this food thing too? "Can't you just tell me what to do?"

I wish it was that easy.

So, today I want to give you some information on this "low carb diet" everyone likes to do to lose weight. I'm going to try my best to be concise here.

For starters, do low carb diets work? Absolutely. Just as any diet restricting any area of caloric intake will. It works well for the short term, but for the long term most of us need carbohydrates for good health.


The short version is we don't feel so good, our energy levels are low, we're dragging through our day and we just feel off. Does this sound familiar?

With a major reduction in carbohydrates, our metabolism slows down, also slowing the long term fat loss we may be seeking, our stress hormones increases, which also leads to stored fat and our muscle building hormones decrease, which counters all the ass kicking we're doing in our workouts.

Still interested in low carb?

It's ok if you are, because it is not "bad", just not a one size fits all or most, for that matter.

MOST people do well with some carbs. How much depends on you. Play with it. Increase it for a few weeks and see what happens. Decrease for a few weeks and check in with your body. Take pictures. Document your mood and sleeping patterns.

Endurance athletes are among the few who do really well with high carb diets, because their energy demands are sooooo high. I went for my first 40 mile bike ride with Sasja last month and we were famished at the end. I think we ate the restaurant out of food. lol!

Then there are a few people who do well with low carb diets. If you're really sedentary, maybe cutting back on your carbohydrate (and overall caloric intake, actually) will help prevent you from gaining unnecessary weight. Your energy demands are lower, so honor it. Food is nothing but energy.

I've also read how super low carb diets do well for people with epilepsy. If you or someone you know suffers from that, it may be worth looking into.


Enjoy the journey! Be kind to yourself. Extreme restrictions are never fun and just allow room for people to "cheat". You can't cheat on life. Find balance. Eat foods you enjoy, but that love you back. Eat for your need. If you sit all day, eat less. If you move around a bit, eat more. If you're training multiple times a day, 5-6 days a week, maybe you need to eat a lot more.

The big thing here is not jump on anyone's bandwagon, but your own. Listen to your body. It knows. And if you can't hear through the clutter for food addictions and everyone's personal beliefs, then get help; someone to help guide you.

Dedicated To Your Success,

Mia Shanté

Nutrition Coach

Strong 4 Pole, Co-Owner

P.S. If you need some assistance and finding sustainable habits for long term optimal health, click here for a 100% free strategy call, where we can find out what's not working and talking about some things that may work.

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