North Hollywood Personal Training | How to drop 20lbs when there is no time

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North Hollywood Personal Training |  How to drop 20lbs when there is no time

How many times have you said - “I really want to be able to work out or prep my food, but there just isn’t time”?




“Enough is enough! I’m going to do it this time!” and then life just throws you ALL the curve balls and all of a sudden there is no longer time?


It’s not fair right?


What if I told you, there is a time and I can show you how to find it?


Still with me?


Ok, so let me cut through the B.S. right now and be straight up. To create time out of nowhere you must first have an open mind and then second be willing to change. Without that willingness to change, it doesn’t matter how much time you have on your hands, you will do nothing with it. 


Great, now that we got that way, let’s take strategy.


First thing you need to do is tell your friends and family, “Hey, I’m really taking this workout thing seriously, so between (insert time) I am unavailable.” 


Most of the time your friends and family will want to help you succeed, so they will want to respect your wishes and allow you to do what you need to do. And sometimes, they could even add accountability! For the times, when this is not the case, there are services that exist to make life easier - meal deliveries, laundry services, trainers with flexible schedules (that’s me), etc.


Now to maximize your time, here’s what has worked for many in the past:


1. Make a list of all the “must do” items and the items you want to be “must do” items, but aren’t there yet.

    1. Work

    2. Kid pick up/drop off

    3. Meal prep

    4. Grocery shopping

    5. Workout

    6. Volunteer project

    7. Date night

    8. Me time


2. Plug those must do items into your schedule first

    1. Work

    2. Kid Pick up/Drop off

    3. Date night


3. Plug in those “want to be must do” where they fit

    1. Meal prep

    2. Grocery shopping 

    3. Workout

    4. Volunteer project

    5. Me time


4. Make sure to account for those random things that aren’t necessarily on the schedule but should be

    1. Travel time - how long does it take to get from point A to the kids school? 

    2. Making THIS schedule


5. Keep playing Tetris with your schedule until you find the options that work without sacrificing your health. Be real with yourself too. If you need added help in one area, then seek it out. “Figuring It Out” are words of death. Just get help.


The very last tip is STICK TO THE SCHEDULE. If it’s not in the schedule for today add it in for tomorrow’s schedule. 


By sticking to this schedule, you then prioritize your health and prioritizing your health leads to results. Once you become consistent, even if its only 2 hours a week of training and making one meal a day, you are that much closer to dropping that annoying ass 20lbs AND keeping it off!


Doesn’t that sound amazing?


Take a moment today to create tomorrow’s schedule. 


And if you need help, this is something we definitely go over in detail, along with tons of other hands on hacks we’ll be unleashing in our revamped Red Carpet Experience Program. It’s so hands on I only have enough time in my schedule to take on 3 additional go-getting ladies.


If you're ready for this (and only if you're seriously ready, Apply for a Free Transformation Session which includes and Nutrition and Lifestyle Audit, Body Fat Assessment and Personal Training Session so we can get down to the nitty gritty and see exactly what you need. (Value $117)

~ Coach Mia

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