North Hollywood Personal Training | Why you’re not getting results when you go to the gym

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North Hollywood Personal Training |  Why you’re not getting results when you go to the gym

If you keep doing the below 3 things, your results will either never come, come slowly, you will get hurt or you will quit. Period.

If you’re reading this email, then I know you’re not a quitter. So address these issues so that you can crush your fitness and reclaim your health.

Between my time training at a big box gym and the stories I’ve heard from just talking to countless women day in and day out, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is where most women go wrong.

#1 - Sticking to the cardio equipment. I’m not against cardio, but if it’s not being used intentionally then you’re just wasting time. If you’re trying to burn fat and tone up, then you need to strength train. That means leaving your comfort zone and hitting the weights. I know it can be uncomfortable. I’ve been there, but there are comfortable gyms that exist. Mine is one them. You just have to be willing to take that first step. I promise, it gets easier. 

#2 - Not asking for help. Is it possible to watch tutorials and know what you’re doing? 100%! But what if you’re watching a shitty one? What if you’re not watching one at all and you step into the weight section or on a machine and don’t know how to use it correctly? What happens is the same as #1. You may not get the results you want or worse, you hurt yourself because your form is off. Ask someone who works in the establishment how to use the equipment. If they’re not that great, which happens in big gyms, then post in my group, I’m always willing to help. You can send a picture of the equipment or a video of you doing the move and I’ll happily give you feedback 100% Free!

#3 - Taking Too Many Breaks. Get off your phone. Put it away. And get to work. Rest if you need to, but push yourself! I’m not from that mentality of maxing out every single session. You’ll burn out if you do, but you have to go in! You have to force your muscles and your central nervous system to adapt and grow stronger. 

If you keep these tips in mind, your workouts will transform and so will you. Remember why you’re there, why you signed up. Keep that at the forefront and get it done. What we’re trying to do here isn’t easy. If it was, everyone around you would be eating well and training hard. You’re stepping outside of the box because you’re fed up with your new norm, you’re tired of being tired, so do something about it. 

The first step you can take is attending my workshop The Lady Boss Formula: 5 Pillars To Lose Weight Fast Without A Diet at the Women In Business Expo, Saturday, November 9th. It is completely free and you can register for the expo HERE. Make sure to also sign up for the workshop to lock in your spot!

Hope to see you there!

Coach Mia, Owner, Lift and Flow Performance

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