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North Hollywood Personal Training | That moment you decide you deserve a seat in First Class

Happy Wednesday! Let’s get fired up this month and ready to make some SIGNIFICANT progress on our goals. Are you with me?

I have a very simple mindset idea for you today. It can make the difference between feeling overwhelmed vs. at-ease when it comes to building healthy new habits.

What if instead of trying to toss your old, not-so-great habits (i.e., snacking on candy during the afternoon, grabbing that bagel for breakfast, etc.) or completely overhaul your lifestyle, you focused on UPGRADING your existing habits?

By that I mean, trade “up” in your choices.

This shift in your thinking – and your actions – makes change a lot easier. That’s because you aren’t trying to “undo” something.

Rather than feeling deprived, it will feel like you’re treating yourself (because you are – and your body will appreciate it!).

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

     If you normally eat a muffin for breakfast, upgrade it to a sprouted-grain bread topped with almond butter and natural strawberry preserves.

     If you scroll social media during work or lunch breaks, you could upgrade that by heading outside to take a walk instead.

     A cookie can be upgraded for a cup of your favorite fruit.

     Try an Impossible or Beyond burger instead of hitting the drive-through.

     A sandwich at lunch can become a chopped salad (seriously, have you ever had a chopped salad? Deliciousness in every bite).

Your assignment: think of at least one habit you’d like to upgrade (get more exercise, eat more veggies, etc.). Then, think about your current actions and what you’re going to “upgrade’ it to going forward.

What’s ONE upgrade you’re going to commit to during the month of October?

Share your upgrade over in our Facebook Group (click here!)

Make an amazing day,

Coach Mia

P.S. The Little Black Dress Challenge is off to an amazing start! If you’re looking for a quick 28 day jumpstart to get you the tools and resources needed, so you can go in your closet and know you can fit and look damn good in everything you have, then reply to this email and let’s get you going.

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