175lbs to 215lbs!

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175lbs to 215lbs!

Yes, she went from 175lbs to 215lbs, but not in bodyweight!

I'm talking about Ms. Sharon, our resident bad ass Super Shero. This woman right here shows up and crushes it every single week. 

She's a mom of 4, all grown up and killing the game in life. She balances work, taking care of her mom and squeezing in training time consistently.

We are literally in AWE of her!

For two weeks straight, she PR'd back to back with her Hip Thrusts.

Watch this video where she performs 7 reps at 175lbs one week and increases it by 40lbs the very next week!

Watch her crushin' it HERE!

At Lift & Flow Performance, we celebrate strength, greatness and you being the best you, you can be.

Let your inner Super Shero shine!

- Coach Mia "I Love Greatness" Shanté

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