How She Kept Getting Back Up

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How She Kept Getting Back Up

One of the best things about personal training is watching one's growth.

I mean, the initial 3 month results is cool and all, but watching someone over a year's time is EPIC!

You get to be there for them during the ups and downs of life - break ups, new love, deaths, births, career changes, etc.

It's awesome!

What's even better is the physical journey during all of this. 

Today we are highlighting Hailee. Hailee has been with us for over a year and boy has she been through some ups and downs.

When she first came to us, Hailee was looking for a pole program that was knowledgeable of the body, because she kept getting hurt. She was also looking for guidance with food and patience and smaller class sizes, because she knew she needed that to succeed.

At the time, she was on really high doses of her epilepsy medication, which resulted in a constant state of fatigue. That, along with her shitty diet didn't allow us to see the light we would soon discover, that she now carries with her daily.

By simply prepping her own food and making a Fast Metabolism Smoothie daily, she began showing up with all this childlike energy and enthusiasm. It was infectious really, and Sasja and I love seeing it.

Hailee also has extreme elasticity of her tendons, so her joints often pop out of place, something I had never dealt with before. But I firmly believe that everyone can train, it's just finding what works for you.

We had to move extremely slow in the beginning and almost start over every time Hailee had a seizure.

During her time with us, we've noticed her bounce back from seizures faster, her strength and body awareness drastically improve and now her bones rarely pop out. 

She's been able to reduce her epilepsy medication and finally, finally she can do all the basic lifts, including achieving her first 105lb Romanian Deadlift!

Watch HERE!


Over the past year, I've watched her energy, her mind, and her physical capabilities change right before my eyes and it is the most amazing journey I've personally witnessed.

There was a time when I didn't know exactly where Hailee would end up, but she kept showing up, determined as ever with a smile on her face, so Sasja and I did the same.

Today Hailee is our pride and joy. She has overcome so much. Even now, in the midst of dealing with some major health issues her mom is facing, she managed to squeeze in 1 on 1 Stretch Therapy Sessions to improve her range of motion and at least 2 training sessions a week. 

She continues to take care of herself so she can be in a better position to take care of her mother.

Hailee didn't get to where she is overnight. Her journey is definitely slower than some of the other ladies we work with, but her consistency, her ability to get back up every time life attempts to knock her down, is out of this world. It is because of that, because of how she looks life in the face and says - I can take whatever you throw my way and I will prevail - that she does just that - PREVAIL!

Don't let anything or anyone tell you what you can and can not do. 

Don't compare yourself to others.

Stay the course.

Keep showing up.

Eventually you will reach your destination and set a new one.

When times get hard, just remember Hailee did it, so you can too.

Now is your time to soar, to reach the goals you've been setting for yourself year after year, that you repeat to yourself every time you get out of the shower and look in the mirror.

Reply to this email - Yes, I want to prevail!

I'll write you back personally to see how we can help you.

- Coach Mia "The Believer In You" Shanté

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