Travel Food Prep Hacks

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Travel Food Prep Hacks

When it comes to prepping food for travel, I feel like I was made for it!

I feel like my family groomed me and prepped me for the person I would become without realizing it. I live with my lunch box by my side. Lol!

Well, today I'm going to share with you what I've learned from my family and the simple 3 part process I've created to prepping food for traveling by plane, car or long commute. It works every single time!

This is coming up for me because Sasja and I are headed to Asia for the first time - Thailand and the Philippines.

So it's that time again. 

Time to make food for me, her and our third companion and colleague, Shay. We all have different tastes and needs and will be on a plane together for over 17 hours and I'm not even worried.


Long before I was vegan, before I was vegetarian, I was a kid from the south side of Chicago, where we didn't just bring a snack into the movie theatre, we brought our own concession stand and passed everything up and down the aisle to our friends and family members. Lol! 

We were PREPARED! Aka, we PREPPED! 

If we went for long drives or a class trip, my mama made sure we had a lunch and snacks with us. 


Because the stuff she got on sale was cheaper and sometimes in her eyes, (we didn't know much about health food then) healthier than anything I would buy at a vending machine or cafeteria. 

I never knew another way. 

So when I became vegetarian and embarked on my cross country trip to LA after graduating from University of Miami, my line sister and I (I'm apart of a Historically Black Sorority, Delta Sigma Theta), had to prepare for this trip. I had the food part done and she figured out the stops. 

I bought us a cooler and made Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches and sandwiches with Tofurky Slices, which were the only things that existed then, and bought a ton of fruit and other snacks I wouldn't dare eat nowadays. Along the way, we would re-up at local Walmart stores. 

These eventually translated into learning how to prep for the plane, how to prep as a vegan, and how to prep as a health conscious vegan with a particular girlfriend who likes more sweets that I do. 

I've been through so many phases and I've learned that basics are always the same, no matter what you like.

Here's what I learned - 

1. Put whatever you like in a tortilla. Wraps are the best for traveling on a plane, long commutes, road trips, etc. Why? Because they are fairly small and you can hold them in one hand and are generally not messy unless you over stuff them. It is a self contained meal and I prefer them over sandwiches for this reason. 

2. Grapes work every single time. You don't have to peel them, worry about juice popping you or your neighbor in the eye or dripping on your clothes, therefore they do not require napkins. If you get the seedless ones, then you also don't have to worry about collecting your seeds. You just pop them and go. EASY!

3. Granola bars are lifesavers! Sometimes you want more than fruit but less than a wrap or something to last longer than the initial plane ride. This is where granola bars excel! You can buy them, although it can add up. If you're like me and already keep oats, nut butters, seeds, nuts, chocolate chips in your house, then whipping up some granola bars will be easy! 

Here are a bunch from Minimalist baker. I usually pick one of hers or change it based on what's in my house and what Sasja and I like. Feel free to do the same. 

Trust me when I say, you will like making your own over store bought. Not only do you know what's in it, but you can make it exactly how you like it. Want more or less of something? Boom! Make it happen. You don't have to search for the perfect bar. 


So that's my foundation - Wraps, Fruit (particularly grapes) and Granola Bars. I normally add vegan jerky to that, pack my own oats for brekky later, nuts/seeds, protein powder because without fail when I'm traveling, I usually don't get in as much protein as I do when I'm home. There is no other place like LA and no other kitchen like my own. 

I hope this was helpful.

Comment below and let me know your go-to prep items when traveling. I would love to hear them!


- Coach Mia "Food Prep Queen" Shanté

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