Abs, Push Ups, Life Transformation!

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Abs, Push Ups, Life Transformation!

Today we are highlighting Kathleen!

This woman right here came in to us during a transition period when she knew she needed to change. She was in a rut, blood pressure was high and she was over it.

Kathleen took her life by her hands and changed it! 

Over the past year that Kathleen has been training with us, not only did her body change, her writing career took off, blood pressure decreased and she is now a champion pole dancer!

By no means are we responsible for these awesome things in her life, but rather, her finally deciding to take care of herself and do so consistently has lead to her beginning to fully live the life she deserves with increased energy, strength, happiness and so much more.

You can also check out her push up progression here - https://bit.ly/32kpq0E

She went from doing incline push ups to doing weighted push ups on the floor...absolutely incredible!

There is something to be said about choosing you and choosing you consistently.

If you're ready to start feeling as good as Kathleen and you're ready to choose YOU, then go ahead and message us right now. We got you.

- Coach Mia

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