4th of July BBQ Dos and Don'ts

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4th of July BBQ Dos and Don'ts

Tomorrow is the big day!

The day when most people are off of work to celebrate a moment in history which really reflects torture and violence that still carries on today,

BUT that's not the point of this email.

We're just happy everyone is off of work, so we can hang with our friends, whom we hardly get to see. 

So the point of this email is how to kick off the summer right and live your best life at the BBQ you're attending. We'll be partaking in the fun as well, believe it! 

Now to share some Dos and Don'ts:

DO have an incredibly good time and enjoy the people around you. Soak them up, because time is not promised.

DON'T take this as an opportunity to drink too much just to have fun. Not only do you NOT need the empty calories, but you don't need the poison either. Know your limit and save the friend next to you from having to babysit. 

DO enjoy the food in front of you.

DON'T eat like you don't know where your next meal is coming from. Please indulge. We plan on doing that too, just space it out. Eat slowly and compassionately and we promise you will get everything in and still be able to stand upright afterward. (Trick: Just have a smoothie before the BBQ so you've gotten your vitamins and minerals in and have space for the big stuff!)

DO get back to your fitness routine the following day. Your body will thank you for the movement.

DON'T use the off, to slack off. Remember your goals and healthy habits you've built and stay on the grind.

That's all kids! Have fun. Be safe. Party responsibly. 

Dedicated to Your Health,

Team Lift & Flow Performance

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