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  • North Hollywood Personal Training | Do you need to use these light-blocking glasses?

    North Hollywood Personal Training | Do you need to use these light-blocking glasses?

    Before we get into today’s email, it is important to send love and light out on this day to all those effected by the events on September 11th. As our world changes, we must do our part to love every single day and not wait for suffering to take place before we come together. This love is for all humans and non-humans equally. Ok, let’s get into it! (There's a free gift for you at the bottom) Have you heard all the talk lately about how bad "blue light" emitted from phones, tablets, TVs, etc. – along with LED bulbs – is for you? It has been in the news a lot lately because of reports that it damages your eyes, not to mention how it can mess with your ....

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  • North Hollywood Personal Training | Easy comfort food snack recipe!

    North Hollywood Personal Training | Easy comfort food snack recipe!

    I have a GREAT snack recipe today that’s good for everyone in the family. It’s got all the tastes and textures of the best stress-busting comfort foods and it’s also healthy. Once you get the basics of it down, you can come up with your own favorite variations. Here’s an interesting fact about green apples – researchers at the ‘Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation’ found in a study that the scent helped some people experience less migraine pain. Pretty cool, right? These little apple "pizzas" contain a mix of amazing tastes and textures: they are crunchy, creamy, salty and sweet! Since we are all about relieving stress ....

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  • North Hollywood Personal Training | Surprising Ways Stress Can Change Your Body

    North Hollywood Personal Training | Surprising Ways Stress Can Change Your Body

    The other day I sent you an email about what happens in your body when you are stressed. If you haven’t read it yet, click here. When you learn exactly how your body responds to stress, it can be a HUGE "a-ha" moment. It helps you understand what you can do to calm your body so you feel instantly more balanced and in control and why that’s so important! It’s tempting to think we can power through stress. I know I typically do, but over time it takes a real toll. Here are just some of the ways stress changes your body: You can gain weight in the form of BODY FAT. Having chronically high levels of the stress hormone cortisol can 1) make you hungry and ....

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  • When you can't "walk off" stress (and what to do about it)

    When you can't "walk off" stress (and what to do about it)

    Hope your day is off to a smooth start – especially because I want to talk to you about STRESS. We’re heading into a busy time of year with new schedules, etc. and I know a lot of you are feeling some pressure … … and I also know a lot of you think you should just toughen up and "push through it". Spoiler alert: You can’t do it. That’s because stress isn’t all "in your mind." It’s also in your body. Your stress response system is a primal reaction... it’s hardwired into your system to keep you safe and alive. In this email I am going to outline some important things you need to know about stress and how it ....

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  • 175lbs to 215lbs!

    175lbs to 215lbs!

    Yes, she went from 175lbs to 215lbs, but not in bodyweight! I'm talking about Ms. Sharon, our resident bad ass Super Shero. This woman right here shows up and crushes it every single week. She's a mom of 4, all grown up and killing the game in life. She balances work, taking care of her mom and squeezing in training time consistently. We are literally in AWE of her! For two weeks straight, she PR'd back to back with her Hip Thrusts. Watch this video where she performs 7 reps at 175lbs one week and increases it by 40lbs the very next week! Watch her crushin' it HERE! At Lift & Flow Performance, we celebrate strength, greatness and you being the best you, you can ....

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  • Eating On Vacation

    Eating On Vacation

    Hello! By the time you are reading this, Sasja and I will be in the Philippines. Hopefully, my vacation plan has actually worked. I will be sure to let you know. The truth is, when it comes to staying on track with health and fitness goals on vacation, you have to be super realistic with yourself. I know I love to eat! I can go in on some food! You really have no idea until you see it in person. Lol! So to keep me on track I just keep the following two statements at top of mind. 1. Choose foods that make you feel good. For me it's a ton of water and fresh fruit. As long as I have those two things, I'm usually always feeling good and can find some balance with vacation food. ....

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  • How She Kept Getting Back Up

    How She Kept Getting Back Up

    One of the best things about personal training is watching one's growth. I mean, the initial 3 month results is cool and all, but watching someone over a year's time is EPIC! You get to be there for them during the ups and downs of life - break ups, new love, deaths, births, career changes, etc. It's awesome! What's even better is the physical journey during all of this. Today we are highlighting Hailee. Hailee has been with us for over a year and boy has she been through some ups and downs. When she first came to us, Hailee was looking for a pole program that was knowledgeable of the body, because she kept getting hurt. She was also looking for guidance with food and ....

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  • Travel Food Prep Hacks

    Travel Food Prep Hacks

    When it comes to prepping food for travel, I feel like I was made for it! I feel like my family groomed me and prepped me for the person I would become without realizing it. I live with my lunch box by my side. Lol! Well, today I'm going to share with you what I've learned from my family and the simple 3 part process I've created to prepping food for traveling by plane, car or long commute. It works every single time! This is coming up for me because Sasja and I are headed to Asia for the first time - Thailand and the Philippines. So it's that time again. Time to make food for me, her and our third companion and colleague, Shay. We all have different tastes and needs and ....

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  • Abs, Push Ups, Life Transformation!

    Abs, Push Ups, Life Transformation!

    Today we are highlighting Kathleen! This woman right here came in to us during a transition period when she knew she needed to change. She was in a rut, blood pressure was high and she was over it. Kathleen took her life by her hands and changed it! Over the past year that Kathleen has been training with us, not only did her body change, her writing career took off, blood pressure decreased and she is now a champion pole dancer! By no means are we responsible for these awesome things in her life, but rather, her finally deciding to take care of herself and do so consistently has lead to her beginning to fully live the life she deserves with increased energy, strength, ....

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  • 4th of July BBQ Dos and Don'ts

    4th of July BBQ Dos and Don'ts

    Tomorrow is the big day! The day when most people are off of work to celebrate a moment in history which really reflects torture and violence that still carries on today, BUT that's not the point of this email. We're just happy everyone is off of work, so we can hang with our friends, whom we hardly get to see. So the point of this email is how to kick off the summer right and live your best life at the BBQ you're attending. We'll be partaking in the fun as well, believe it! Now to share some Dos and Don'ts:
    DO have an incredibly good time and enjoy the people around you. Soak them up, because time is not promised. DON'T take this as an opportunity to ....

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